A perfect day for butterfly thoughts

Look what I’ve found today. A poem by Mark Nepo.

Thinking Like a Butterfly

Monday I was told I was good.

I felt relieved.

Tuesday I was ignored.

I felt invisible.

Wednesday I was snapped at.

I began to doubt myself.

On Thursday I was rejected.

Now I was afraid.

On Saturday I was thanked

for being me. My soul relaxed.

On Sunday I was left alone

till the part of me that can’t

be influenced grew tired of

submitting and resisting.

Monday I was told I was good.

By Tuesday I got off the wheel.

Well, today is Wednesday. Just in case you didn’t get off the wheel on Tuesday, today is another perfect day to go for it. One thing to keep in mind is – it might not work the first time, the second, the … . Especially staying off that wheel. No need to beat yourself up. Just keep practicing.

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